“If you don't LOVE this show, you're crazy! My mind got twisted, turned upside down, I don't even know what's going on right now. Unreal…” – Adrian College, MI “…So amazing. I got to see them again. Incredible! Awesome!” – College of The Ozarks, MO “Mike Bliss was a great entertainment choice for our Siblings Overnight event. The feedback after the show was overwhelmingly positive! Mike was great to work with, and we completely recommend him for future events!” – Hailie Fowler, Illinois College Meet Mike

Mike's show is unforgettable! Whether he's reading minds, manipulating objects, or stealing watches, Mike keeps the audience engaged and constantly guessing about what's coming next, making this show a must-see!

You never know what to expect when Mike hits the stage, but a few things students may experience include:

  • A student is asked to think of another person; Mike is not only able to say the name the student is thinking of but also state how these two people are related.
  • Mike performs a hysterical Harry Houdini rope escape that leaves the two student volunteers very confused while the audience roars!
  • And for Mike's award winning grand finale…Let's just say it involves a one brave volunteer, a unicycle, a jump rope, and boxers (or briefs)…
“I have known Mike for several years, as he was a student at College of the Ozarks. You will find him to be talented, pleasant, a person of character and entertaining, indeed!” – Jerry Davis, President, College of the Ozarks

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